NBC's Proud Moment - Guts rise over glory!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 by Michael GOH

At the Northern Region GNOT (Grand National Open Teams) event held at Shepparton recently on Sunday Aug 28, a very enthusiastic novice team from NBC comprising of Bill Ryley, Jack Starmans, Ofa Starmans and Pat Hanley played in their first ever major bridge competition. This gutsy team played against 12 other teams from all over Northern Victoria which comprised of players with much more bridge experience than them; and showed no fear against their stiff competition.

It must be pointed out that both Bill & Jack completed the Beginners course as recent as March this year. Only a few months into playing the game, Bill & Jack bravely played against the tougher opponents; holding their ground. Eventhough this rookie team did not bring home any medals, they sure showed that they had guts! Full marks to Bill, Jack, Ofa & Pat. NBC and fellow members are very proud of these awesome foursome.

Entering major bridge competitions is a good way to improve your bridge.